Covid 19

Covid-19 & UKESS


During this extremely scary and unprecedented time, the nation is fighting a fatal virus that is having a devastating impact worldwide.  This emergency is affecting every industry, every community and every family and yet the end is not known, nor in sight.

As always, when the UK faces a crisis, we not only put the kettle on, but we band together and display a united front.  Whilst some people are not taking this crisis as seriously as they should, many people are.

We have the utmost respect for all the Emergency Service Personnel, Hospital Staff, Care Workers and Key Workers.  They are putting themselves at risk to fight for the rest of us.

There are many selfless people from every community, stepping up to help in the fight against Covid-19, and there are also many Voluntary Sector Organisations that form existing Community Resilient Groups.  These groups are on 24-hour call, 365 days a year; they are now, more than ever working hard to support their communities, the NHS, the front line and essential services.

UK Emergency Support Services has volunteers on call to support the efforts in various areas, playing our part in the wider, official response as part of the Community Resilience effort.  We are proud to be able to undertake any work that may be required to aid the ongoing efforts by everyone.

The guidelines are simple right now, Stay Home, Self-Isolate, Buy Only What You Need, Wash Your Hands Properly and Follow the Information Available on the government and NHS websites.

“It Won’t Happen to Me” is a common phrase we all use, unfortunately that is no longer the case.  This Virus will kill, without prejudice, without a second thought and it’s only getting worse.

Do not risk your own life or those of others.  Not being able to visit the hospital when your loved ones are fighting for their lives, not being able to say goodbye in their final moments if they lose their fight, is something you will never forget.  Let’s be the Brits of our past, as our Grandparents and Great Grandparents were, do your bit, whole heartedly and without question.

Thank you to all who are supporting the fight, whether from home or on the front line.

Stay safe and stay strong.

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