Amazing Response to Volunteer Recruitment Drive


As we mentioned in our New Year Blog, we launched a recruitment drive for new volunteers to help grow our teams and to be able to provide valuable support to a grater number of people and services.

If honest, we were expecting perhaps twenty-five applications and possibly fifteen to become active volunteers.  We couldn’t have been further from reality.  We have been absolutely blown away by the response and in just one month, we have received ninety applications.

For the small team of people working behind the scenes, this is great news and a huge task to process all the applications.  We are slowly getting through them all and are excited to have held the initial induction for the first 20 new recruits.

During the induction, not only did we get to know the new members of the team, but we got to share our vision and our passion with those who will be an integral part of our family.  We are excited to welcome more people to the team and to get the new recruits through their next set of training.

Each of our volunteers brings something special to the table, a willingness to give back to society.  They also bring with them their own life experiences and many skills that prove to be valuable resources to our service provisions.  In return, we invest in each volunteer, not as a volunteer, but as a valued individual and member of the staffing team.  Without us investing in you, you cannot give your best, that’s why we not only provide in house training, but also nationally recognized, formal qualifications for those who demonstrate an ongoing commitment.  This is about doing it together, not alone.

If you would like to find out more about our volunteering opportunities, you can visit our “volunteer” page where you can download detailed job descriptions for each of our roles and you can also complete your initial application online.

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