UK Emergency Support Services

UK Emergency Support Services (UKESS) is a registered Not for Profit organisation with wholly charitable purposes and was established to provide reliable and effective practical aid and support to Front Line Emergency Services, Local Authorities and Communities during Public and National Emergencies, Major Incidents and National Crisis. In addition, UKESS also provide Training Services, Event and Medical Services, Community Education and Welfare Services.

Our Aims:

Provide practical support to front line emergency services during times of crisis, natural disaster and major incidents

Provide practical support to communities during times of crisis, natural disaster and major incidents

Rreduce pressures on front line emergency services and public services during times of crisis, natural disaster, and major incidents

Provide assistance to search and rescue services with inland Extended Search and Rescue operations

Provide community education and awareness in Public Safety and First Aid during an emergency

Provide affordable Professional Event Medical Support at events for Charities and Community Organisations, maximising their fundraising efforts with lower expenditure.

Through the ongoing development of valuable volunteers, and through detailed and diligent training, we are able to deploy multi-disciplinary Response Teams to a range of operations, from community preparations for adverse weather, to supporting multi-agency response to serious and emergency situations across the country.

Operational Deployments can include, but are not limited to Community Flood Preparation Support, Post Flood Recovery Support, Severe Weather Support, General Practical Support and Assistance to the Emergency Services including staffing perimeter cordons and welfare support units, Welfare Support to members of the public during serious incidents.

The deployments our volunteers can respond to are diverse so that we may offer a truly beneficial, ‘boots on the ground’ support service to the wider response effort and to the public.

In addition to our civic work, we provide Professional Medical Cover and Nationally Accredited First Aid and Advanced First Aid Training, which supports our civic work through reinvestment.